The Last Home – one year later

written by Melli & Julia

Our second trip to the beautiful waterfall of “The Last Home”

After we found the waterfall in September 2018 complete dried out (you can find the full story here) we wanted to see this beautiful place with water, so we decided to do a second trip to France. But this time without our motorcycles, but with the car of Julias parents. An old Volkswagen Sharan. We could sleep in it and made a great road trip through Western and Southern France.
We started our trip on May 11th, 2019 and nearly drove the whole way in one day. On the next day, May 12th, we visited the wonderful place. This time we had no trouble finding it, not only because we knew where the path was, but also because we could hear the waterfall from afar.

Overwhelmed by the beauty, we completely forgot the time.
After we got back to our car, we drove to Lyon. In this city we spent 2 days (including a metal concert which was promoted by Clémentines company) before we continue our trip through France. We visited the cities of Carcassonne (a fantastic oldcastle), Montpellier, Marseille and Toulouse. We also wanted to visit Paris, but our car put a spoke in our wheel. So we were forced to stay in Toulouse longer than we actually wanted. Luckly, the car workshop could repair the car after a few days, so we made it to Visions Of Atlantis’ show in Haarlem, Netherlands on May 24th. And with this show our (little annoying) route trip ended.
Thank you for reading!