VoA Sailors Video Project – Symphonic Metal Nights 2022

First fan project of the new fanclub! Here are all information!

Deadline: November 6th, 2022

We would like to show Visions of Atlantis how we experience a show day as fans and share our perspective. For that, we need your contributions! Get creative and inspiring and show your love for our favorite pirates!

What do you need to do?
• Film your preparations for the show
• Film your way to the venue
• Film at the venue (a part of the show, the crowd, if you meet other fans or the band)
• Or upload pictures you took with the band and others
• Be creative and spontaneous
• Have fun!

Important: Film everything in landscape/horizontal (16:9)!

Upload your files to the Google Drive:

Every show has a folder. Inside, make a new folder with your name und upload there.
Leave a text document there which includes the name you want to appear in the video and instructions for the editing, if you have any.

The video will have a song in the background, so all the sound on your video will be muted.

Once the video is edited, it will be published on our YouTube channel

If you need any help or have questions feel free to contact us on our social medias or via e-mail!

Thank you so much! We are really looking forward to all your contributions!