A Journey To Remember

Lyrics by Clémentine Delauney

Rising at dusk and dawn,
Riding the storm on the Seven Seas,
Strong winds of change have blown
And they’re turning my fate’s giant wheels

The message is clear
The trap is to fear
They’d damage what I hold dear

Look out for a sign
Where waters would shine
A thrill of hope goes down my spine

Set Sails!
This is the day
Stars align to show you the way
A journey to remember
A quest to find your treasure land
Buried in the sand
The key to your own chains

Writing my questions down
Closing the book of my memories
I am to leave this town
I am ready to draft my stories

I’ve said my goodbyes
The tears in my eyes
Will dry in the open skies

The air is so light
The fire so bright
Lift the anchor one more time