A Life Of Our Own

Lyrics by Clémentine Delauney

There’s a voice that I hear and it seems like a call
At night, when I cannot find sleep
It’s the sound of the void, that can entrap us all,
The beast that hides in the deep

As it reaches out with thousand arms
Grasping the hull of the ships
It’s the omen of doom from the songs I recall
A terror that makes grown men weep

A great soul, faces all
Even what rumbles and crawls

May the Kraken come
May we get caught in a storm
We will keep our calm
True love will carry us home

Here its presence I feel as I tumble and reel
The fear I will have to resist
This danger awaiting, the storm unabating
I can’t ignore it exists

Sailing far away from common paths
The truth as the cause to espouse
We will face our demons, the worst of their wraths
A true heart, the only lighthouse

As we leave no trace
The doubts we erased
The Monsters we faced all alone

The illusion failed
Our truth unveiled
We’ll live this life of our own