Fanclub history

Here are Melli & Julia, best friends from Germany and we want to tell you how this fanclub arose.

We discovered the band in 2017 and went to our first VoA-concert in February 2018. And with it our wonderful journey started. In this year we went to a lot of shows, but in November 2018 we decided to create a fan page for VoA to share our pictures and videos we took over the year.

First we started on Instagram as “Visions Of Atlantis Fanpage” but changed the name quite soon, as we thought a band who sings about the ocean, adventures and pirates deserves more then “just” a “Fanpage”. So we change the name into Visions Of Atlantis Sailors (or short: “VoA Sailors”). Through the time our little page grew more and more and we launched our fanpage on Facebook and YouTube as well.

Our main focus for the pages were on posting our own content. Nearly every picture we posted on our socials were taken by ourselves. Our first pictures were only taken with our phones (yes indeed, you can see the bad quality … haha!), but after starting the Instagram page at the end of 2018, we wanted to have a better quality and entered the wonderful world of concert photography. (Pictures taken by the fanclub can be found in the gallery!

In the following years (and especially during the covid pandemic) we continue our journey and support the band as best as we could. And so it happened after months of considerations with the band and hard work that we founded the first, official fanclub for Visions Of Atlantis on August 29th, 2022!

This is a complete new chapter for us and we are beyond excited to go on the journey with you all, Sailors! Without you it wouldn’t be possible! Or to say it with word of VoA: “We are the legion of the seas”