Cast Away

Lyrics by Mario Plank

I just sail away, into deep stormy ocean
I can’t astray cause destination’s unknown
Tempestuous soul, possessed of the will to find you
Nobody will put me off, doing this way

Enchanted by our never-fading memory
On winds I ride driven by devouring desire
Captured mind, on a journey into nowhere
Oh take my delirious fear away

Time goes by still I’m waiting
For you, your goal to achieve, my goal to achieve
Although I know that it is in vain
I just live cause I believe

Gaze at horizon all day long
Feel hopeless

I’ll never know where I belong
Of no avail to see you againAnd when the night embraces my shore with it’s dark, cold hands
I’m sure a star will light your way
My cast away?

I’m on my own, here in this wet salty desert
Destiny’s wish, may be different from mine
If there’s justice in this cruel world, you’re unhurt
Time goes by still I’m waiting
Just live cause I believe

Cause I believe
Cause I believe