Lyrics by Chris Kamper

“I still can feel your heartbeat,
And what did you expect?
Anguish by loves or lusts relics?
The warmth of thy desire,
Felt so cold, left thee to shame,
A waste of all the time you spent to breathe?”

In between debris you’ll leave me,
Broken hearted, cold as stone,
My world, you will be trading it for free

And I can see the morning rise,
When you will see another dawn,
The ashes of the sweet moments these nights

“How can you live with this concept?”
How could I live without my wrath?
“With deepest sorrow, dark as death…”

“I would give in to your world,
If you’d take me by the hand,
So far away this day might be, I’d wait…
Not to dare a single dream in me,
I feel so bare without,
The risk you never take means pain, can’t see…”

So you hit my door and think,
That I’ll be on my way to keep
The wounds at heart wide open, as your prey?

And I can see this storm go by,
Leaving me, exposed to shame,
For wishes, that we shared by nights and days

What do you think did I expect?
“A life in sorrow, dark as death?”
What do you think would I regret?