Flow This Desert

Lyrics by Mario Plank

I got used to the void inside me
Abused by life I’ll fight the emotions used
To tear me down and lose my ground
I call for something, someone else,
Something somehow burst my spell
Crests of waves shall carry me
Far beyond my mind to see.

Not yet to fail
Try to prevail

Flow this desert
Everything grows underneath my feet
Wash away the dust that lies beneath

Under full sail to the light
Straight horizon out of sight
Wash ashore, what I will leave behind
Things I buried in my mind

Can’t remember when or why I left
The desert wipes away my steps
On those dreary dusty path (my trial)
I’m Freezing in the night
Expecting morning light
To sear again while waiting for a shiver
Wash me away
And now I’m drifting astray,
But my way is my destination.

Drifting astray, but my way is my destination
Illuminate, horizons gate, my path turns red