Release My Symphony

Lyrics by Clémentine Delauney

Open my eyes
I made it through till the sunrise
Winds call my name
No force alive can redefine the person that I am

Rise from the dead
Oceans are shimmering and widespread
Wings soaring high
The universe will read my heart from the depths to the mountains

Reclaim the throne and this forgotten crown

Release my Symphony
Of innocence and poetry
Reveal the remedy
In melodies and words
Escape the tragedies
These rhapsodies unheard
Ode to the souls
That yearn to unfold
Battles I lead
Cherish the strength that I fight with
Tears I have shed
But hope for bright tomorrows will swipe away the sorrows

Regain the glory I lost long ago

Leaving the arms of thorns and ghosts
Dreaming the day will come
I find those I can call homeLeave at dawn
No way back
All I’ve done
Sealed my past
I will seek for a shore
Where love is meant to last
If hope shall die
Mine will die last

Unleash my prophecy
My memories: my legacy,
My wars, my victories,
My mysteries unknown
Release my fantasies
My centuries of joy,
Ode to my soul
The first to unfold