Lyrics by Chris Kamper

All those precious moments
Lost in space and time
For the only reason
She’s not of my kind

Everything seems so small
When I hold her close
Everything great is mine,
Even sunrise

“Never to let me go”
For another
“Never to leave me blind”

As the day is fading
And I rest beyond the shores
Sick of life, yet living
Brought to sleep by tidal force

Whatever it will take
To bring her body close
Whatever it will need
No tomorrow

Anywhere I go
“This is not the end”
But a world to leave

Live this time again, before the dawn will end your sorrow,
And make love again, a dream of love, pretending hope
You could be everything for me, my friend, and then
We will be

Before the sands of time can wipe away your tears, come follow me
Into deeper seas, where light is spent, for your healing
We will be everything and then, my friend, you know the meaning
Love will be