The Band

Visions Of Atlantis is a Austrian symphonic metal band with international character since its members have their origin from three different countries: Austria, France & Italy. But not only that: VoA is also internationally well known. In their over 20 years history the band played shows on different continents like South & North America, Asia and of course in a lot of countries in Europe. Founded in 2000, the band had to face many line-up changes. Drummer Thomas Caser is the only remaining founding member, but in 2018, with the album “The Deep & The Dark”, a new era has started.
With this album Clémentine Delauney and the former singer Siegfried Samer brought the band back to the roots of their origin. With their music they take us on a journey through the seven seas and on the path of mysterious legends.
Dive into the wonderful world of pirates, sailors and wanderers and enjoy the epic, grandiose and magnificent tunes of Visions Of Atlantis!

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Past members:

Vocals: Nicole Bogner (2000-2005; † 2012), Christian Stani (2000-2003), Mario Plank (2003-2013), Melissa Ferlaak (2005-2007), Maxi Nil (2009-2013), Joanna Nieniewska (2009), Siegfried Samer (2013-2018)
Keyboard: Chris Kamper (2000-2003; 2013-2015), Mario (Miro) Holly (2003-2006), Martin Harb (2006-2013)
Guitar: Werner Fiedler (2000-2005; 2007-2011; 2013-2017), Wolfgang Koch (2005-2007), Christian Hermsdörfer (2011-2013)
Bass: Mike Koren (2000-2009; 2013-2017), Mario Lochert (2010-2011)


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