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Content Creator & Photographer

Date of birth: 27th July

Daily job: surgical nurse

Favourite VoA-song: The Last Home

Favourite band / music: VoA, Serenity, Temperance, Dragony, Architects, Imminence

Hobbies: travelling, motorcycling, photographing, gaming, listening to music

2019 – 2020:
Canon EOS 100d & Sigma 24-70mm
since 2021:
Canon EOS 6D II & Tamron 35-150mm


Content creator

Date of birth: 29th July

Daily job: paramedic at the German military

Favourite VoA-song: Nothing Lasts Forever

Favourite band / music: VoA (of course), Serenity, Vollbeat

Hobbies: motorcycling, sports (skiing / snowboarding, Karate, bouldern, hiking), gaming, adventures with Julia