To The Universe

Lyrics by Clémentine Delauney

Could I ever run away
I am meant to leave, where I was meant to stay

Afraid to give in
To the worries that stick to my skin

Praying at night to a god with no name
Praying for those who need love all the same

This one time, the Universe will see
Deep inside, who I am meant to be
It will reveal the stars and the path I have to take
And all of what I will forsake

Could I learn how to forgive
Those who have betrayed, and all those I deceived

I’m daring to lose
All of these things I didn’t get to choose

Light has won
Here comes the sun

If we find who we are meant to be
If we take the path no one can see
We would banish the forces
That nail us to the ground
We should give it a chance
The world’s in our hands